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Combo Deal:  Preggie and Newborn window decals

If you're a mum-to-be, you won't want to be rammed in next time you've left your car parked.  Place this on your driver's side window and hope that the person parking next to you in the carpark will give you the courtesy of parking far enough away that you can get into the car comfortably (and without hormone-fuelled retaliatory door slamming against their too-close car).

Then after baby arrives, peel off the decal and switch to the newborn verison.

Place the newborn decal on the window next to your baby's carseat, and hope that other drivers leave enough room so that you can open the door comfortably enough to get your baby back in the car with a minimum of swearing, tears, and bumping their door.

 Removable, outdoor decal suitable for glass exterior.  Clear sticker printed in white.  2 pieces (preggie, newborn versions)



Manufacturer:  Breastmates

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