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  • Sitz Bath Salts - Postpartum Soothing Soak

    Sitz Bath Salts - Postpartum Soak

    Postpartum soothing soak infused with essential oils of chamomile + lavender for a healing, relaxing, post-delivery bath.  Excellent for post-bir…

  • Breastmates Pants Breastmates Pants

    Lounge Comfort Pants

    You've come to the right place to find a comfy spot!   Breastmates loungewear pants are perfect and tick all the boxes for daytime, nightime…

  • Mum Shorts Mum Shorts

    Comfy Spot - Shorts

    Looking for the best-ever-most-comfortable maternity shorts? With a cute black and white spot, and short but not tooooo short these are a great choice…

  • Tube Maternity Skirt Tube Maternity Skirt

    Olive - Tube Maternity Skirt

    The Perfect Tube Maternity Skirt in stunning olive colour.    A new colourway on our classic Black Tube Skirt -  simple yet stylis…

  • Breastmates Clothes Breastmates Clothes

    Cobalt - Maternity & Breastfeeding Top

    Breastmates stunning cobalt blue tone with micro stripes. A classic scoop neck t-shirt, with feminine fit and dual wear for both maternity and breastf…

  • Maternity - Breastfeeding Tshirt Maternity - Breastfeeding Tshirt

    Simplicitee Black T-shirt

    Simplicity at it's finest!    Our popular style of maternity / nursing top (with easy feeding openings) which we've made as a simple bl…

  • Maternity Skirt Maternity Skirt

    Honeybun - Tube Maternity Skirt

    Hey Honeybun, you're gonna love this one! The Perfect Tube Maternity Skirt in stripes.   Bump-hugging and figure loving in all the right places, …

  • Postpartum UnderWear Postpartum UnderWear

    Postpartum Underwear - 4pk

    Postpartum Underwear for short term use. (4 pack) These undies are perfect for use before and after the birth of your baby, they're super soft, stretc…