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Breastfeeding Aids

The best ever products to help you and Mother Nature in the early days of breastfeeding.

Nipple cream, breast care products, breastfeeding reminders, nursing teas, milk storage bags, and everything else you'll need to help you breastfeed.

Our selection of high-quality, trusted breastfeeding aides will help prepare you for breastfeeding success and keep you sane in those first few weeks! From nipple cream and breast care products to nursing tea and natural remedies that will help boost your milk supply, we’ve got you covered with these breastfeeding aides.


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  1. Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

    Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

    TRIPLE PACK - 3 Teats

    Chu Chu teats work the same way as a nipple. The milk only flows out when the baby sucks and latches like on a breast.

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    $29.90 NZD


1 Item(s)