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Electric Breast Pumps

An electric breast pump will help you whizz through your expressing routine, so much faster than a manual pump which tends to feel like a chore when you need to do it frequently, and these are great if you are pumping at work.  We stock quality brands which are highly recommended - Unimom, Medela and Avent electric breast pumps.    Each model has slightly different features or bottles they attach to.     These are all good brands - though we know it can be confusing when deciding which to purchase.   The type of model really just depends on how often you need to use it.  If you have any questions - just contact us for a consult

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  • Avent Comfort Natural Breast Pump

    Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pump

    Avent Comfort Natural Single Electric Breast Pump We recommend this Breast Pump for frequent use. Easy operation at the touch of a button. A single el…

  • Medela Swing Breast Pump

    Medela Swing Breast Pump

    Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump is a very efficient and quiet breast pump - the most popular breast pump in Medela's range. The Medela Swing has the…

  • Unimom Allegro Breast Pump

    Unimom Allegro Electric Breast Pump

    Unimom Allegro Electric Breast Pump This breast pump is ideally suited to mothers that need to pump low frequency, such as 2-3 times per day (Part-tim…

  • Unimom Switch Kit

    Unimom Switch Kit

    Unimom Switch Kit Use this to convert your Unimom electric breast pump into a manual breast pump, so that you have a backup plan incase you have no po…