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Breast Pump Spare Parts

We often get calls from worried mums who need a new part for their breast pump.... perhaps their puppy chewed it, or boiled dry when sterilizing.    It happens all the time - so don't worry if it has happened to you.    We try to keep all these breast pump spare parts in stock because you'll need it in a hurry so you can keep pumping.    We carry parts for all pump models of Medela, Unimom and Avent.  But we know it gets confusing about which piece for which model - you can shop by "Pump Type" on the images below,  or by individual piece if you match the picture or know its name.       *TIP often it's the tiny little white valve and membrane that need replacing - as these control the whole suction performance of your pump.   

If you’re not sure what you need, simply contact us and we’ll help get the breast pump spare parts.   


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  • Unimom Bottle Cover

    Unimom Bottle Cover

    Clear dome to go with your Unimom bottle. This fits into the screw neck. And means you can put a teat inside to keep it clean.   (We have all spa…

  • Unimom Breastshield (Flange)

    Unimom Breast Shield Flange - 24mm

    Spare part for the Unimom Forte, Allegro and Minuet breast pump models.  This is the size 24mm / Medium breastshield - the same that came with th…

  • Unimom Breastshield (Flange)

    Unimom Breast Shield Flange - 27mm

    Spare part for the Unimom Forte, Allegro and Minuet breast pump models.  This is the size 27mm / Large breastshield.   Having a correct…

  • Unimom Forte - Port Cover

    Unimom Forte Port Cover

    Spare parts for the Unimom Forte Breast Pump.    This is the tiny white piece that plugs into the front of the motor, which enables you…

  • Unimom Silicone massage cushion

    Unimom Silicone Breast Massager (24mm)

    Unimom breast pump parts An optional extra which can help increase the comfort of your Unimom Breast Shield, the Silicone Breast Massager Cushion. Spe…

  • Unimom Pump Valve

    Unimom Spare Pump Valve

    Unimom breast pump - spare part - White Pump Valve.    This is the little replacement valve which is used in Unimom brand of pump model…

  • Unimom White Membrane

    Unimom White Membrane

    Spare part for Unimom Forte and Allegro electric breast pumps.This silicone disk membrane is the part that moves up and down when pumping and is insid…

  • Unimom Minuet LCD Charger with USB Cable

    Unimom Minuet Charger Kit

    Unimom Minuet Breast Pump - did you need a replacement power plug?   Here we have the LCD charger kit available as spare part (as often our …

  • Unimom spare air tube

    Unimom Spare Air Tube

    Replacement pump air tube for the Unimom Forte and Allegro models of breast pump. You may need to get a new air-tube for your breastpump, as they do u…

  • Unimom minuet diaphragm

    Unimom Minuet Diaphragm

    Spare part for the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump - this is the Silicone Diaphragm. Other Minuet Parts are sold separately. These little pieces do get wear…

  • Unimom Minuet Diaphragm Cap

    Unimom Minuet Diaphragm - CAP

    Spare part for the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump. This is the plastic CAP that goes on diaphragm piece. Other  Unimom Minuet Parts, and silicone dia…