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Chilling & Heating

A few little add-ons to help out when you're pumping at work, or traveling with baby bottles and need to keep everything at the right temperature.

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  • Avent Bottle Warmer Avent Bottle Warmer

    Avent Electric Bottle and Food Warmer

    A great solution for days when you're rushed off your feet, or half asleep in the middle of the night.  This Avent baby bottle warmer warms your …

  • Unimom Cooler Bag Unimom Cooler Bag

    Unimom Breastmilk Cooler Kit

    Unimom Breastmilk Cooler Bag Comes with 5 Unimom Bottles and 2 cooler pads.  This handy cooler carry bag will keep your milk chilled for up to 8 …

  • Medela CityStyle Bag Medela CityStyle Bag

    Medela CityStyle Bag & Cooler

    Medela CityStyle - Breast Pump and Bottle Bag with Cooler. A stylish bag to transport and store your Medela breast pump and expressed breast milk, com…

  • Unimom ice pad

    Unimom Ice Pad

    Unimom Single Ice Pad for keeping breastmilk chilled. Pop into the freezer overnight to prepare for use the following day. When used with an insulated…