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Boobie Blinders Anti-Embarrassment Glasses

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BOOBIE BLINDERS - Launch Date 1 April 2021

Are women constantly trying to entice you through the age-old trick of breastfeeding a baby in order to show you their sweet milky melons? 

Are you sick and tired of women lustfully whipping out their boobs to breastfeed their babies in public, and loving all the attention they draw to themselves?

Well we have the solution for you!   Protect your prying eyes from unwanted visual contact with breastfeeding mums (and hungry babies) with these innovative modesty glasses that are guaranteed to block out 100% of any bare skin you may accidentally observe while going about your important daily business. 

These easy-wear, go-with-every-outfit, ultra-lightweight, oh-so-portable modesty glasses are a lifesaver (and a sight-saver!) for the visually sensitive person. If a few centimetres of bare boob offends or upsets you, save your eyesight and your ego by simply slipping on these glasses and voila – no more shockingly selfish breastfeeding mums in your sightline! 

Developed with noseyparkers, morality police, opinionated whatsits, and just plain rude dudes in mind, these simple yet effective glasses will stop you in your tracks when those inconsiderate breastfeeding mums just won’t stop themselves from nurturing their little ones in the same place where you want to eat your lunch.

BONUS GIFT!  Side blinders (inspired by our equine friends) so you won’t even be spoked by an unexpected Nip Flash in your peripheral vision.

CAUTION: For health and safety reasons, this product is not to be worn while operating heavy machinery, like forkhoists, coffee plungers, or eftpos machines.

TOP TIP: If Boobie Blinders aren’t suitable for your needs, we suggest simply putting a brown paper bag over your head – easy!


Taking pre-orders April 1st 2021