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Niplette - A simple cure for flat or inverted nipples

Flat or inverted nipples can be a potential problem for women wishing to breastfeed.

The unique Niplette provides a painless and permanent cure.  Through gentle suction the Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of weeks of continued wear the nipple will stay permanently extended.

Ideally, the Niplette should be used before you become pregnant. If your breasts are not too sensitive, it can also be used in the first six months of pregnancy to achieve a permanent correction.

Alternatively you can use the Niplette for the first few days after labour, for a few minutes only before each feed.

This will pull your nipple out so that your baby can latch on more easily and breastfeeding can be established.

Once your milk comes in fully, the Niplette will not function. However, by then your baby will have become accustomed to latching on to your nipple and pull it out for him or herself.

Twin Pack - 2 Devices

Manufacturer:  Phillips Avent

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