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Avent Natural Bottle - 125mL Single

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125mL Avent Natural Bottle - Single with Teat

In a busy household you're probably going to need a stash of bottles and teats.   The "Avent Natural" range of bottles can be used for pumped breastmilk and formula.   This range tries to make it easy combine bottle feeding and nursing at the breast with mum.

* The wide breast-shaped teat promotes natural latch-on, similar to breastfeeding

* Teat is ultra soft and flexible, with a spiral design which mimics the natural movement and feel of the breast

* Teat has comfort petals which prevent it collapsing inwards as baby sucks

* Anti-colic valve is designed to keep air away from baby's tummy, to reduce colic and discomfort.

* Bottle shape is easy for baby to grasp in any direction

* This single 125mL bottle and teat boxed set, is suitable for babies from newborn to 8 weeks. (You can upgrade the teat size as baby gets older)


Comes with:  1 x 125ml bottle & 1 x  newborn teat

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