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I over-ordered quantities when I was young and enthusiastic, and the stock has been sitting around. I'd like to get a teeny bit of cash back to use for other things, and also clear the space for a fresh start. And the bonus for you is a bargain item! Maybe you're adding to your stash, or maybe you're trying for the first time and want to test out my quality and service, and it might bring you back to my store for more items.
Sizes in XS to XXL.... majority is in size XS (because my forecasts were wrong and it turns out I sell more larger items than XS so that is simply where there is a surplus.  TIP use the "Shop by Size" filter to make it easier to find things to suit you.


* Please note that Sale items are sold as final clearance, with these big reductions.  Not Returnable.  (Returns Info) Discount codes won't apply to items that are on sale

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Franny x