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Moby Wraps

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Moby Wrap Baby Carriers are so comfortable and easy to wear!

The design of the Moby Wrap uses your entire back, as well as your shoulders, to carry the weight of your baby.

Unlike other carriers, which have narrow straps or go across one shoulder, the Moby Wrap is a wide piece of fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders and tied on your waist. There are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners which make wearing simple.

  • Fits all sizes of baby wearers and babies - preemie to 16 kg.
  • The Moby Wrap holds baby close for snuggles next to you.
  • Baby can feel, smell, hear and see parent
  • Is a natural soothing baby tranquiliser which helps fussy or tired infants fall asleep
  • Can be adjusted for several different carrying positions, including breastfeeding hold
  • Wrapping instructions included of course
The colours listed (and images) are our standard stock supply. Sometimes we can get in specific colours from our supplier at your request.

Manufacturer:  Moby

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Just wanted to let you know my parcel arrived yesterday! I couldn’t believe how quickly it got here!
I got the wrap on first time and it’s great!
Thank you for your awesomeness!!!
Review by Lesley
arrived this morning - already using it today
Thanks to your wonderfully efficient service the Moby arrived this morning & already it has proven itself invaluable. My little one (9wks old) & I were able to take a nice bush walk with the dog instead of sticking to the streets with the stroller. As he was still sleeping after our walk I was able to get dinner prepared ready to go in the oven as well. This is truly a life changer, I have my arms back! I'm a lot less apprehensive about our upcoming trip (3 flights, 28 hrs in the air & 10 hours in airport transit) - these should be that much easier with the Moby Wrap. Will recommend your site & the wrap to all my Mummy friends in the future.
Review by Debs
The Moby is fantastic and bubs loves it. I was super impressed with how fast you dispatched my order - ordered on Friday and I literally had him wrapped up in it the following morning!
Review by Jenna
My parcel was great!
Arrived early Wednesday morning and my little girl loves to be carried in the Moby! It's the third carrier we have tried and the best by far!
Review by Anna
Great Product
I was looking to purchase a sling for our new baby so that I had my hands free for our very toddler. A friend suggested the Moby wrap and several friends had founds their other brand slings uncomfortable. I am so happy with this sling, especially if our baby is not settling in her bassinet, she will sleep in this and I can still get thing's done around the house. The long piece of material does take a few goes to get used to but it soon becomes like second nature and there is so many options to use. I recently used it at the Women's Expo and had at least a dozen people come up and comment on it as she slept the whole time I was there.
Review by Kirsty
This is one of our most treasured purchases. I bought it based on the reviews here and am so incredibly pleased with it. Our three-month old lives in it. The Moby is so comfortable and simple to use. We had a sling-style one which was really uncomfortable for me and bubs as she prefers to be upright and the weight wasn't distributed over my shoulders and hips like with the Moby. We also had a front pack but there was a layer of padding between bubs and me and it was always a two person job to get her in and out of it. The fact that you can slip bubs in and out while you keep wearing it makes the Moby super easy and user-friendly. Also love the exercises you can do in it!
Review by Ems
My son is 10 days old and we've just been on our first trip out to the supermarket with our Moby Wrap. It was so easy to put on before we left home and when we got to the supermarket, I just took bub out of his capsule and slipped him into the wrap in his favourite cuddling up position. It meant that I didn't have to use the grotty baby trolleys (who knows how often they get cleaned...) or to have strangers constantly having a look at the baby. It also meant I had 2 hands free for keeping my 2-year-old under control. The Moby Wrap is so comfortable to wear! I had a c-section and it didn't put any weight or pressure on my healing wound. I'm really looking forward to using this awesome product a lot in the future!
Review by Sarah
Highly Recommended
My second baby had colic, and would cry between two and five hours every night for her first two months. The Moby was invaluable as it distributes the weight across you back and gives you back your arms. It also keeps the baby snug and cozy. It's also great for older babies, when she was six months I wore her for six hours, and while I was tired at the end of it, neither my back, shoulders or neck were sore. I used a pocket sling with my older one, and could only wear him for half an hour or so before my shoulder and neck started to get sore. I highly recommend the Moby too, if this isn't your first child. We all know that it isn't as easy to have snuggle time with baby when you have a toddler or two needing you as well. The Moby makes it possible to snuggle your baby and still have arms for your older kids.
Review by Holly
speak highly
I can't speak highly enough of these wraps, it took a little bit getting used to tying it but now it's a breeze! My son is more than happy for the close comforting cuddles, and I'm more than happy to be able to multi task whilst doing so.. I also found having somewhat larger babies it meant I didn't feel the strain of carrying them around for long periods, and an easy breeze to wash if they decide to spew!! Almost forgot it's great as you can position your baby to feed without anyone else knowing what you're doing, so shopping is a little less daunting..
Review by Cath

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