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  • Medela Connector Assembled

    Medela Connector Assembled

    Medela Breast Pump connector (assembled) This is the connector assembly that goes between the bottle and the breastshield. This is made up of three sm…

  • Medela Elbow Connector

    Medela Elbow Connector

    Medela Breast Pump Spare Part Connector Elbow.    Specifically for the Medela Swing (single) or Medela Harmony breast pumps, it's not s…

  • Medela Freestyle Pump Tube

    Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Tube

    Medela breast pump parts.  Spare tubing for your Freestyle medela breast pump. It is important that you check the tubing to ensure there are no c…

  • Medela Personal Fit Connector by Medela

    Medela Personal Fit Connector

    Spare connector for the Medela Personal Fit Breastshield. This is the part which connects the breastshield to the bottle.   If you're confu…

  • Medela Swing maxi breast pump tube

    Medela Swing Maxi Tube

    Medela breast pump parts -  Spare tubing for your Swing Maxi double medela breast pump. It is important that you check the tubing to ensure there…

  • Medela valves & membranes packet Medela valves & membranes packet

    Medela Valves and Membranes

    Medela Spare Parts - Valves and Membranes These are sold in a packet which has 2 x Yellow Valve, and 6 x White Membranes. Often the membrane needs to …

  • Medela Swing Breast Pump - Spare Foam

    Black Foam for Swing Pump

    Small black foam piece, that goes inside the Medela Swing Pump We're able to get any spare parts that you might need for your medela pumps.

  • Haberman Membrane Haberman Membrane

    Haberman Membrane

    For the Medela Haberman Bottle, spare part: This is ONE white membrane. With a centre mount stem, we've photographed both sides here to show you. …

  • Haberman Screw Lid by Medela

    Haberman Screw Lid

    For the Medela Haberman Bottle, spare part:  One Screw Lid.  The part that fits the top of the Haberman bottle, where the valve plate insert…

  • Medela Haberman Teat

    Haberman Spare Teat

    Medela Special Needs Spare Teats are for use with the Medela Special Needs feeder (Haberman Bottle), a specially developed bottle for babies with feed…

  • Freestyle Rechargeable Battery

    Medela Freestyle Rechargeable Battery

    This is a spare Rechargeable Battery for the Medela Freestyle Breast pump We are able to source spare parts for your Medela breast pump. If you are no…