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These bump-friendly pregnancy tights won’t creep down when you’re out and about. And maternity pantyhose will keep your corporate look polished! Maternity hosiery and pregnancy leggings will support your bump and keep you covered under dresses and tunics.


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  1. Footless Maternity Tights

    Footless Maternity Tights

    Footless Tights

    Add a touch of sophistication and warmth to your winter dresses and long tunics with our incredibly comfortable Footless Tights. Smooth and streamlined for maximum subtlety underneath work dresses and smart tunics, the over-bump style will support your pregnant tummy.

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    $29.90 NZD
  2. Maternity Tights Maternity Tights

    Maternity Tights

    Bump Friendly Tights

    These tights are specially made to go over your bump and won't slip down, perfect to extend the wardrobe for every preggie mum.

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    $32.90 NZD
  3. Maternity Pantyhose (Twin Pack)

    Maternity Pantyhose (Twin Pack)

    Maternity Pantyhose - Sheerhose

    Two Pack

    Beautifully sheer with light shimmer, maternity hosiery.

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    $34.90 NZD


3 Item(s)