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Maternity Skirts

Versatile, stylish maternity skirts that suit your growing bump and flatter your pregnant body! The snug, stretchy waistband of these maternity skirts will expand when you do, and suit all women, not just mums-to-be. Suitable to be worn after pregnancy too. Exclusive maternity clothes by Breastmates.


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  1. Maxi Maternity Skirt Maxi Maternity Skirt

    Maxi Cotton Maternity Skirt

    This simple black cotton maxi skirt is the ultimate must-have for any motherhood wardrobe

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    $49.90 NZD
  2. Cotton Maxi Skirt Cotton Maxi Skirt

    Striped Maxi Cotton Skirt

    Striped cotton maxi skirt

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    $49.90 NZD
  3. Cotton Skirt Cotton Skirt

    Cherish Midi Cotton Skirt

    Cherish Petal Skirt - you don't need to be pregnant to wear this style. It's bound to become a favourite!
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    $49.90 NZD
  4. Cotton Maternity Skirt Cotton Maternity Skirt

    Essential Cotton Maternity Skirt

    A classic little number, simple yet stylish, and oh-so-versatile. An essential black skirt to mix'n'match your maternity wardrobe.

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    $44.90 NZD


4 Item(s)