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Reuseable Gel Pads & Covers - 2pk

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Reusable Gel Pads with Washable Cover  (x 2)

Ideal for use after birth, the gel pad is a godsend for relieving perineal pain and/or haemorrhoids.  To use for perineal pain, put the frozen gel pad inside the washable sleeve use them under your pads, period underwear or even just straight on if you need it.  The sleeve is washable but not designed for absorbency.

Includes 2 gel packs and 2 washable covers, we suggest you wear one while the other is freezing and then wash and rotate for the first few days after labour.

Once you're all healed downstairs, the Gel Pads can then be reused for lots of other purposes and relief:

- if you plan ahead use them for heat/cool therapy during labour
- Period Pain
- C-Section incisions
- Uterine contractions after you’ve given birth
- Heat/cool packs for breastfeeding woes


Instructions: Freeze for cold therapy.  Or can be microwaved for warm therapy.

Wash covers in a cold machine wash.   Wash gel pack in warm soapy water.


What's included: 2 x Reusable Gel Pads + 2 x Super Soft Washable Sleeves (polyester)


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