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Bumptastic Belly Band

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Our belly bands are a maternity must-have essential.

Wear it under a t-shirt, or over with your tshirt tucked in.  Use it to lengthen your t-shirts or layer up adding colour to your outfit.  Perfect for mixing and matching while ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Cover that belly skin, but feel comfortable and supported too.  Also great if you feel your jeans are a little 'low riding' and you don't want to show a builders crack!

P.S Please wear with a tshirt!  Our model had lifted up her tshirt so you can see the belly band.

    XS - Size 8 - Hips 88-92cm
    S - Size 10 - Hips 93-97cm
    M - Size 12 - Hips 98-102cm
    L - Size 14 - Hips 106-107cm
    XL - Size 16 - Hips 108-112cm
    XXL - Size 18 - Hips 113-117cm

Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

A must have!
Really pleased with the belly band. Good quality, fits well. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it, 28 weeks already and I wish I bought it sooner. Impressed with the super fast shipping too. Thanks.
Review by Rebecca
Love it
Would definitely recommend, very good to cover tummy! Thanks!
Review by ASIA
Best maternity/pregnancy buy
Very happy with this product, good design (I really like the ruched sides) and nice material. I've used the belly belt as well, but found that I'm using the belly band more for covering up gaps, this is one of my best maternity/pregnancy purchases.
Review by Julia
Great product
Love this belly band. No need to buy expensive maternity jeans as I can now continue wearing all of my favourite ones! Very friendly service and super quick shipping! Thanks
Review by Amber
the Bumptastic belly band is a genious idea and great material too!
Review by Julia
They are really great!
I purchased a couple of your Bumptastic Belly Bands and just wanted to say they are really great! One thing I particularly like is the ruching – most other bands don't seem to have this. It does a nice job of hiding the bumpy outline of the open zipper on my jeans! I think I will have to buy a couple of spares!
Review by Emma
not pregnant
I am wearing mine today as a singlet extension. I am not a fan of showing off my underwear or my bum to the world, and as mid rise jeans are pretty hard to come by (unlese you like skinny fit, which I certainly don't) then a belly band should do the trick. As my big baby bump is now just a squishy tummy again, and my thighs and bum are on the bigger side of the scale, I am wearing my belly band upside down instead! So the extra material that was designed for baby bumps is being used for my hips and bum instead!
Review by Toni
Definitely worth it, they're getting put to good use!)
Review by Nicole
The belly band is great over my jeans and looks smart. Loved the way you packaged them as I felt like if was getting a treat for me as I unwrapped them.
Review by Sally
I love it!
I love the belly band. I have worn it almost non-stop since receiving 2 weeks ago and I feel sad when they have to go in the wash! Extremely comfortable. The belly band is not tight at all and I don't even realise I'm wearing it. I'm 20 weeks along and there is still heaps of room in it for a growing bump!
Review by Merophy

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