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Breastfeeding Dresses

With party season coming up, you might be in the mood for the new range of mocktail breastfeeding dresses from Breastmates – stylish, flirty dresses for the best-dressed gal under the disco ball! 

Breastmates has the perfect dress to suit every occasion - whether you're shopping for  casual comfort, work wear, summer BBQs or special occasions.  The collection of body-flattering designs will take you through pregnancy  and are kind to your post-baby body too.  The dresses have concealed openings for discreet breastfeeding – because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style when you need to feed your baby.


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sale off Maternity Feeding Dress Maternity Feeding Dress
sale off Breastmates Tunic Breastmates Tunic
sale off Woodland Mustard Kaftan As seen at NZ Fashion Week


23 Item(s)