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A Better Boob Job


*LAST One - Packaging on Box is a little damaged, so reduced price*

You're wonderful just as you are, but who doesn't want a little pick-me-up now and then?  We can now offer you Takeouts…or as we like to refer to them, the better boob job.

These little wonders will add a full cup size to your bust line - with none of the commitment of permanent surgical methods.

Even if you don't want a bigger chest, sometimes you may crave more oomph.

  • The Better Boob Job "Takeouts" are jelly like bra inserts that conform to your shape.
  • These enchancers are realistic.
  • Made of medical grade silicone, they feel comfier than conventional padding. Place them under the bust or on the sides to boost cleavage.
  • Weighty and feel real - they have been "groped tested"
  • Not recommended for mothers that are breastfeeding
  • Perfect for after weaning
  • also known as chicken fillets

Manufacturer:  Her Look
Materials:  Medical Grade Silicone



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