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  • Unimom Minuet LCD Charger with USB Cable

    Unimom Minuet Charger Kit

    Unimom Minuet Breast Pump - did you need a replacement power plug?   Here we have the LCD charger kit available as spare part (as often our …

  • Unimom spare air tube

    Unimom Spare Air Tube

    Replacement pump air tube for the Unimom Forte and Allegro models of breast pump. You may need to get a new air-tube for your breastpump, as they do u…

  • Unimom minuet diaphragm

    Unimom Minuet Diaphragm

    Spare part for the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump - this is the Silicone Diaphragm. Other Minuet Parts are sold separately. These little pieces do get wear…

  • Unimom Minuet Diaphragm Cap

    Unimom Minuet Diaphragm - CAP

    Spare part for the Unimom Minuet Breast Pump. This is the plastic CAP that goes on diaphragm piece. Other  Unimom Minuet Parts, and silicone dia…

  • Unimom wide neck bottle adapter

    Unimom Wide Bottle Neck Adapter

    Unimom wide neck adapter A very handy bottle top adapter.   If you already own a number of Avent bottles (which are wide neck), this clever …

  • Unimom ice pad

    Unimom Ice Pad

    Unimom Single Ice Pad for keeping breastmilk chilled. Pop into the freezer overnight to prepare for use the following day. When used with an insulated…