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Testers Panel

I have an exciting new product that I've been working on, and now I need some testers!

I'm looking for a group of women that would like to be involved in a new project I'm working on....  This is ideally suited to women that are currently breastfeeding or pumping milk.  I would send you multiple products to trial and we'd work together over a 2 month timeframe.   We would communicate via email.  You will need to take photos to email me, and report through a checklist that I'd provide.    There is no cost involved, or payment to you, but you will get to keep the items that you are testing.

You'd have to sign a confidentiality agreement beforehand of course

By offering to join this panel, please be aware that I might not need your help straight away.  I'll save your details and contact you when the time comes

Then once the new product is launched - it would be amazing if you could then brag about it on your social media pages.... (if it's good enough!)



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