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Weleda Nursing Tea

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Weleda Nursing Tea for Breastfeeding Mothers

Weleda Breastfeeding Tea is a traditional nourishing tonic that helps support healthy breast milk production.

A pleasant tasting tea that combines nutritive benefits of nettle with the aromatic seeds of Aniseed, Caraway and Fennel for a warming, restorative drink.

Beneficial for the digestive system of both mother and baby, and it can assist in the management of digestive problems such as colic, flatulence, bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Directions: Add one tea bag to a cup of boiling water. Cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Drink up to 3 cups daily.

Ingredients: Each 2g tea bag contains dry powder of Fenugreek seed 500mg, anise seed 400mg, fennel seed 400mg, caraway seed 400mg and lemon verbena leaves 300mg.

100% certified organic.  All ingredients used are grown and harvested according to Weleda quality standards and are certified organic by BCS Oko-Garantie GMBH Germany.

No flavorings, preservatives or sweetners are added to this product.

20 tea bags per box.


Manufacturer:  Weleda

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

I only had one cup a day but found it not only helped my milk but my baby was also more settled with less colic symptoms.
Review by Sarah
Works really well for me
I have really positive feedback on tea I purchased. I have noticed a significant improvement in milk quantity since I started drinking it. Amazing stuff. This was actually the second brand I tried, I noticed no difference with first brand at all.
Review by Clare
Noticed a massive difference in my supply with this tea. Only have 1 cup a day but can certainly tell if I miss it! Great product
Review by Nikki
Works great!
3months post Baby.. Just started my period and noticed a drastic stop in my milk supply.. Started this tea and whoa it helped the same night!
Review by Nissa
Nursing tea
This helped my supply so much. I have never liked herbal tea that much but this doesn't taste too bad :) Highly recommend it if you need to boost milk supply
Review by Anna
Please Please Work!!!
Just boiling my jug now, about to try my first cup, looking at the comments, i won't be disappointed :):) wish me luck :)
Review by Polina Davies
Nursing Tea - Highly Recommend it :-)
Amazing product and it definately does work! I wanted a product that was all natural, tastes good and does what it says it will do and this definately ticks all the boxes :-) I've recommended it to my friends and even sent it to a friend overseas and she's loving it too
Review by Camilla Schorfield
Highly Reccomended!
The price put me off but I swear it was worth it! It wasnt the most fantastic tasting tea but hey, the sacrifices we make for our babes ;-P The important thins is that IT WORKED!! It really need - my milk supply increased and I was so pleased to actually be able to keep breastfeeding AND be able to get something out when pumping!
Review by Ashlee
Used this for 2 days and my night pump supply went from struggling to get 100ml to being able to get 180ml's easy!! Recommend to all!
Review by Chrissy

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