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Love to Swaddle 50:50

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Love To Swaddle Up is the original & innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep in their natural position, with their arms up.  Swaddled babies who have access to their hands can settle better and sleep longer.

But there is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrapped or swaddled, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby's sleep routine. The Love To Swaddle UP '50/50' Transition which helps your baby adjust slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag.

The top half of the 50/50 is the same as the original style but the bottom half is slightly wider which helps the baby get used to not being so snugly wrapped. The bottom half is reminiscent to a conventional sleeping bag. As you transition the bub by taking one wing off at a time they slowly and smoothly end up in a sleeping bag.

When your baby is ready to transition remove one wing. One arm is free and one arm is still swaddled.  After about three weeks its time to let the other arms loose! Simply remove the wing and now your baby has graduated to a soft weight sleeping bag!

Sizing (chose based on baby's current weight, as it will be ineffective if too large)

Medium 6 - 8.5kgs,
Large 8.5 - 11kgs
Extra Large 11 - 14kgLove to Swaddle 50:50


Manufacturer:  Love to Dream
Materials:  90% cotton + 10% spandex

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