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Breastfeeding Aids

The best ever products to help you and Mother Nature in the early days of breastfeeding.

Nipple cream, breast care products, breastfeeding reminders, nursing teas, milk storage bags, and everything else you'll need to help you breastfeed.

Our selection of high-quality, trusted breastfeeding aides will help prepare you for breastfeeding success and keep you sane in those first few weeks! From nipple cream and breast care products to nursing tea and natural remedies that will help boost your milk supply, we’ve got you covered with these breastfeeding aides.


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  1. Silicone Breast Pump Silicone Breast Pump

    Silicone Breast Pump & Cover

    Our soft Silicone Breast Pump.   One-piece pump that is easy to use, perfect for catching extra let-down or manual pumping.

    BONUS: it can go directly in the dishwasher

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    $29.90 NZD
  2. Medela Supplemental Nutrition System

    Medela Supplemental Nutrition System

    The Medela Supplemental Nutrition System (also known as Lactaid) is for long term supplemental feedings at the breast.

    Keeps the baby on the breast, ensuring the stimulation to maintain lactation and the intimacy between mother and baby, while also providing additional food source via the tube.

    Particularly well-suited to provide babies with breastmilk or supplement at the breast, e.g. for premature babies, babies with sucking difficulties, adopted babies, children with cleft lip/palate or for re-lactation after a break in breastfeeding.

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    $99.00 NZD
  3. Medela Haberman Bottle

    Medela Haberman Bottle

    The Medela Haberman Feeder helps ease feeding complications.

    For babies with nursing difficulties, particularly children with cleft lip/palate, weak babies, or babies with Down Syndrome or other neurological difficulties.

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    $84.90 NZD
  4. Breastwarmers Breastwarmers

    Raynauds Breastwarmers

    What is Raynaud's? It is a condition when blood vessels spasm and constrict in body extremities such as nipples. When Raynaud's Phenomenon causes nipple vasospam, the nipple turns white and there is usually a noticeable change in colour from white to blue to red, as blood flow returns.

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    $39.90 NZD
  5. Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

    Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

    TRIPLE PACK - 3 Teats

    Chu Chu teats work the same way as a nipple. The milk only flows out when the baby sucks and latches like on a breast.

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    $29.90 NZD
  6. Medela Soft Cup Feeder

    Medela Soft Cup Feeder

    Medela's SoftCup Feeder is designed for use when health care professionals recommend cup feeding.

    It is also used to feed breastfed babies whom nipple confusion is a concern.

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    $84.90 NZD

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  7. Unimom Cup Feeder

    Unimom Cup Feeder

    The Unimom feeder cup is specially designed so you can feed your newborn expressed breast milk without causing nipple confusion from using a teat and bottle.

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    $2.99 NZD
  8. Avent Niplette

    Avent Niplette

    Niplette - A simple cure for flat or inverted nipples

    Flat or inverted nipples can be a potential problem for women wishing to breastfeed.

    The unique Niplette provides a painless and permanent cure.  Through gentle suction the Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup. In a matter of weeks of continued wear the nipple will stay permanently extended.

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    $149.00 NZD
  9. Medela SNS Replacement Tubing and Valve Set Medela SNS Replacement Tubing and Valve Set

    Medela SNS Replacement Tubing and Valve Set

    Medela SNS Replacement Tubing and Valve Set
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    $39.90 NZD


9 Item(s)