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Hire Breast Pumps

If you’d like to hire a breast pump, we rent the Medela Symphony on a monthly basis - but it does depend if our rentals are available.   Rental pumps can be handy for short-term pumping, pumping away from home, or to help you build up your milk supply.   The Medela Symphony is the only model that is available as a rental pump - as it is high grade and designed for use by multiple women and is autoclave sterilised between hireage (its worth about $4000!).   The other breast pumps on our website are only designed to be used by one person.   If our Symphony hire pump is not available - the next best recommendations are the Unimom Forte, Unimom Opera, Medela Swing Maxi Flex, or Medela Freestyle breast pumps which are all high grade.

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  • Medela Symphony Hire Pump Medela Symphony Hire Pump

    Medela Symphony Breast Pump Rental

    Medela Symphony Rental Breast Pump This breast pump is for use by mothers that need to express all of their baby's feeds, such as a premature baby or …