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Double Breast Pumps

A double breast pump for the Queen of Pumping...  These models are for mums that need to express multiple times per day, for the majority of baby's feeds, twins, and for efficient mums that want to pump as much milk as quickly as possible.   You're all legends, pumping like this is a big commitment and you're AMAZING!!     We stock the Unimom, Medela and Avent brands of double pumps which are quality brands and highly recommended.   If you are unsure which breast pump to purchase - please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your needs. All of these breast pumps are recommended by Breastmates, and are reliable brands. The most popular double pump we sell is the Unimom Forte - read the reviews!

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  • Avent Comfort Natural Breast Pump

    Avent Comfort Double Pump

    Avent Comfort Natural Double Breast Pump We Recommend this Breast Pump for: Premium pump for constant use such as for all baby's feeds The breast pump…