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Breast Pumps

Making milk is your Super Power!!!    If you want help with finding a breast pump then you've come to the right place.  Breast pumps can be confusing, particularly if you haven't started breastfeeding yet and shopping while pregnant.    Or if you are in a stressful time and trying to get baby to drink from a bottle, or want to share some feeding duties with Dad, or returning to work and figuring out how you're going to cope.   Don't worry we’re here to help.  We carry top-quality, highly recommended brands like Medela, Unimom & Avent breast pumps, and have our own Silicone Pump too.    We're happy to consult on which breast pump would suit you best > manual / electric / double >> it really  just depends on how often you’ll be using it & where.   We also have replacement breast pump parts if you lose something or your puppy chews it up.      Contact us if you any questions

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