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Whether you're feeding bubs with precious expressed milk, or mixing up formula - please remember our philosophy #fedisbest and that we're here to help all parents.   You'll need a vessel to feed your little darling, and grabbing extra bottles means you don't have to wash and sterilize as frequently.   We carry these ranges of bottles from Unimom, Avent and Medela brands (to complement their breast pump fittings).    Please note that Avent are wide neck size, and Unimom and Medela are narrow neck size.   These bottles are all BPA-free, and will stand up to wear and tear, and you can use them for your future babies too (if you're thinking that far ahead or did we say that too soon?)...

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  • Unimom Bottles 3pack by Unimom Unimom Bottles 3pack by Unimom

    Unimom Bottles 3pack

    Unimom Bottles (3 pack) 150mL size Unimom bottles are designed for longer and safer storage and feeding of breast milk.   Made from high qua…