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Top Ten Products for New Mums

We often get asked to recommend our must-have products for new mums to buy, preparing for the arrival of their new baby, entering motherhood!

Top Ten Products for New Mums Top Ten Products for New Mums

Top Ten Products for New Mums:

  •  Hydrogel Breast Discs – which are the #1 product that I recommend for mothers to put in their hospital bag. They are really a godsend for damaged nipples, and heal them up really quickly and mothers to continue breastfeeding. I’ve had feedback from mothers saying these Hydrogel Discs were the only reason they could continue with breastfeeding


  • Breastmates reusable breast pads are now world famous with mums New Zealand. Soft, absorbent, and comfortable to wear. These were the founding product when I started my business in 2004 – I never dreamed it would evolved the way it has!

Breastmates Breast Pads

Breast milk storage bags

  • Silicone Breast Pump - use this to catch milk while you are feeding baby from the other breast, to quickly build up a milk stash and save that extra letdown being wasted in a breast pad.   Can also be used as a manual breast pump.

Silicone Breast Pump

  • Booster Biscuit Mix – bake at home, and eat 2-3 per day. You will notice an increase in your milk supply the following day.   This is a plain biscuit base, you can add your own flavour as you desire.       The feedback from hundreds of mums has been amazing – a simple and easy way to help milk supply.

Lactation Cookies
Lactation Cookies


  • Clip-on-Cami       - a simply little garment with plastic loops that go over your nursing bra clips. Turning your nursing bra into a tank layer, covering your tummy, and meaning you’re not doubling up on straps. An absolute wardrobe essential. (Though we do also have a fabulous range of nursing wear that I have designed for summer and winter seasons each year).


  • Seamless Nursing Bra – soft and comfortable, and surprisingly supportive. Great for day and night wear.

Seamless Nursing Bra
Seamless Nursing Bra


  • Nursing Cover – some mums just need a little privacy so that they can feel free to feed anywhere, in front of anyone (even Grandpa).

Nursing Cover
Nursing Cover

  • Belly Wrap – based on traditional binding, to support your uterus and abdomen shrink back after pregnancy.

Belly Wrap
Belly Wrap


Disposable Knickers Disposable Knickers

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