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Belly Belt

Today's product spotlight is on the Belly Belt.  This is one of our best sellers at our maternity website.

The Belly Belt is a little packet of fasteners that allow you to convert your regular jeans into maternity wear.   These are perfect for when you are in the "chubby bump" stage before progressing onto full maternity wear.  The time when you don't quite fit your regular jeans, and you aren't big enough for maternity jeans.

With the Belly Belt you can wear your own jeans.  You leave them unfastened, and you use the loops and fabric panel of the belly belt to cover your opening.  So its like a whole new fly/zipper which is wider and comfortable.  It comes with 3 types of fasteners, in two sizes, to allow for your small bump and then your larger bump that will come as time progresses.

The benefit -  you can keep wearing your favourite jeans, and nice soft denim!

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