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Baby Led Weaning

All you need to know about baby-led weaning, a different way to feed your baby. Baby-led weaning is different from the traditional method of starting a baby on solids, in that you give your baby finger foods rather than puree or mash. If your baby can sit up without needing their head supported, is six months or older, and is interested in the foods you eat, baby-led weaning may be right for your family.

  • Tips for Baby Lead Weaning

    A few tips on how to start Baby Lead Weaning (where baby only eats food they can hold rather than being spoon fed with puree), including some ideas for foods to offer your baby.
  • Mums doing Baby Led Weaning

    Baby Led Weaning - a group of parents share their comments and experiences on how they started, when they started, what foods they used, how their baby coped and overall a good transition to solids.
  • Baby Led Weaning

    Baby led weaning - one mother shares her insights into starting this "baby led" way of weaning when baby is ready to start solids.

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