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Feeding Stories

Real-life breastfeeding experiences from honest mums. Breastfeeding comes naturally to many mums, yet other mums struggle with establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship. These inspiring and honest stories of breastfeeding by real mums give insight to one of the most private yet important aspects of the mother-baby relationship. The unvarnished truth about breastfeeding – the good, the bad, and the things mums wish they’d been told – all here for you to learn from.

  • Silent Reflux

    One mum share's her story about identifying Silent Reflux and getting her baby through it. There is support out there for parents, and we have some tips here.
  • Special Moments for Busy Mums

    A busy mum shares a little insight into her baby feeding days, and reflects that although it is hard to sit down and breastfeed baby when you are busy with toddlers and household tasks, its still a sp
  • The Road to a Happy Baby

    A mother shares her experience with low milk quality, "hungry farts" and her dedicated efforts of expressing to top up, and being happy to accept formula to help her little baby thrive.
  • When to Start a Bottle

    We suggest you get baby started on a bottle early, so that they can switch between breast and bottle.
  • Oversupply of Milk

    A mother shares her story about over supply of breastmilk that lasted for months and months.

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