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Feeding Stories

Real-life breastfeeding experiences from honest mums. Breastfeeding comes naturally to many mums, yet other mums struggle with establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship. These inspiring and honest stories of breastfeeding by real mums give insight to one of the most private yet important aspects of the mother-baby relationship. The unvarnished truth about breastfeeding – the good, the bad, and the things mums wish they’d been told – all here for you to learn from.

  • Exclusively Expressing

    A mother shares her story, about how her baby is fed full breast milk, via a bottle, and the journey they had to take. Exclusively expressing breastmik to feed baby.
  • First Weeks of Breastfeeding

    Kathy Fray shares her thoughts on getting through the first six weeks of breastfeeding, and the benefits. She is frank and admits that it is not easy, and takes time.
  • Food Sensitivities

    One mum shares her experience of breastfeeding her son with multiple food sensitivities. She had to go on an elimination diet, and introduce baby solids slowly (first through the flavour in her breast
  • Gallstones

    One mother shares her story on her commitment to breastfeeding and then journey to bottle feeding her baby. She writes "I have a great respect for people who breastfeed and for people who bottle feed,
  • Get a Lactation Consultant

    Lactation Consultant helps mother to get the correct latch, and continue breastfeeding. Changes to a quick feeding time, and painless.
  • Hard to Start

    Breastfeeding Stories from real mothers, she says that it is really hard to start with, but then you soon realise you've made it through the worst

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