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Shared Stories

Reading another mum’s honest, heartfelt story of motherhood is inspiring and comforting. It’s so helpful to know other mothers have been through what we’re facing! Our special collection of stories from real mums covers breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, postnatal depression, baby loss and miscarriage, feeding tips for plus-size mums, and beautiful photos of mums breastfeeding their babies. Say it with us: “Awwww!”

  • Baby Loss & Miscarriage

    The loss of a baby at any stage is heartbreaking. Mums pay tribute to their lost angels. Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death, is one of the most tragic heartbreaks mum can experience. These special mums of angels share their stories of lost little ones in an e ... Read more

  • Feeding Stories

    Real-life breastfeeding experiences from honest mums. Breastfeeding comes naturally to many mums, yet other mums struggle with establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship. These inspiring and honest stories of breastfeeding by real mums give insight to one of the most private yet import ... Read more

  • Plus Size Mums and Feeding

    Real mums tell about breastfeeding when you’re full-figured. Breastfeeding when you’re a bit on the full-figured side has its own challenges, but it’s definitely possible. Plus-sized mums tell how they successfully breastfed their babies and give tips on feeding with large breasts.

  • Post Natal Depression

    Mums share their stories of postnatal depression and how they recovered. Around 20% of mums get postnatal depression (PND), and many don’t realise it right away or are ashamed to admit they need help. PND can take the joy out of motherhood, and it’s vital to get it treated so you start feeli ... Read more

  • Shared Breastfeeding Photos

    Beautiful breastfeeding photos from real mums to inspire and encourage you. Many special mums have shared breastfeeding photos with us. We love showing you just how beautiful and special the breastfeeding relationship can be. These quiet moments captured in time show that breastfeeding is na ... Read more