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Nappy Warnings

Everything you ever wanted to know about baby poo, complete with photos! How often your baby has a wet or dirty nappy, and the consistency of the contents you’ll find inside, is a great indicator of their overall health. So what’s the deal with infant poo, especially those first few meconium nappies? Here’s what to expect at nappy time.

  • Nappy Folds

    Nappy Folds

    How to fold cloth nappies. Recommended folding techniques that are EASY for your cotton prefolds and nappy covers.
  • Cloth Nappy Setup

    Cloth Nappy Setup

    How to do Cloth Nappies and what setup you will need. Recommendations on how to start your nappy stash.
  • Meconium - What to Expect

    Meconium - What to Expect

    Meconium - Baby's First Poop. A little introduction and image so you can see a visual warning on what to expect at the first nappy change after your baby is born.
  • Baby Poo Guideline

    Baby Poo - a Parents Guide to Poo Inspections. What different colour and texture baby poo can mean. Don't laugh.... you will often find yourself inspecting the contents at nappy time!
  • Cheeky Wipes

    Cheeky Wipes

    Cheeky Wipes are 100% cotton-toweling wipes which are soft and effective at wiping baby’s bottom. Combined with 100% organic tea tree oil, this gives a tried and true method of protection for baby.
  • Nappies


    Commentary on the use of cloth nappies and disposable nappies.
  • Baby Poo

    Baby Poo

    Newborn baby poo, what it looks like for breastfed babies. A few sample photos to show you a random newborn baby poo explosion.

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