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I'm Still a Woman

  • Breastfeeding Contraception & Ovulation

    This is a natural method of contraception that you can use while breastfeeding, but it MUST be used under specific guidelines. Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy but it can inhibit ovulation.
  • Rules about Baby Names

    Baby names and choosing baby names. What is the etiquette with reserving names that you like before friends use them? 100 mothers answered our poll and gave their opinions.
  • Pelvic Floor Muscles

    Smart Balls are vaginal balls that are lightly weighted, and inserted to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles. A clinical study completed by Swedish universities confirms this.
  • Gift Vouchers

    Breastmates gift voucher let the New Mum decide what products she would like to buy. Great idea for baby shower gift pack. She can then purchase any products online including and have it delivered t
  • Birth Control

    Is breastfeeding a method of contraception? We talk about a few methods of contraception with your new baby. You could still get pregnant.
  • Age of Mothers

    We did a quick survey on our Facebook page, and the results are quite interesting. Its not an official survey, but just a Tuesday representation of some of our Breastmates Facebook members. Thank yo
  • Personal Train Me

    Personal Train Me is online personal training. It enables anybody to train anywhere they like, anytime they like with a personally designed specific workout program.

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