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Breastfeeding and expressing breast milk are two totally different actions, and many mums struggle with expressing breast milk. We’ve got comprehensive advice on how to choose a breast pump, everything you need to know about expressing breast milk, what equipment you need to successfully pump milk, how to overcome common problems with expressing, and how to safely store your expressed breast milk.

  • Breast Pump Problem Solving

    Troubleshooting when your breast pump isn’t working properly. Is your breast pump not working, or is your particular pump not working for you? Here are solutions to common breast pump problems and issues, and how to troubleshoot a breast pump that isn’t working properly. Have a question o ... Read more

  • Breastpump Spare Parts

    Common questions about breast pump parts and accessories Useful information and diagrams on breast pump spare parts and accessories. Most breast pumps come with everything you need in one box, but others are more basic and require you to purchase additional accessories. And some of your brea ... Read more

  • Expressing Help

    Your stress-free guide to pumping breast milk. When you first get started expressing breast milk, it is hard to know if you’re using the breast pump properly, how much milk to expect your breasts to produce, and how to get into a rhythm with pumping. Here’s info on how to use a breast pump, ... Read more

  • Storage and Warming

    How to safely wash, sterilise, prepare and store bottles. Your baby’s milk, whether expressed breast milk or infant formula, needs to be handled carefully to ensure it isn’t contaminated by bacteria that could make your baby sick. Here’s what you need to know about safely washing and steri ... Read more

  • Which Pump for Me?

    Confused about which breast pump you need? It all depends on how often you'll be using it. How to choose the right breast pump for you, and use it successfully. There are so many breast pumps available – manual pumps, electric pumps, double pumps, hospital-grade pumps, pumps designed for frequ ... Read more