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Bottle Feeding

Many mums bottle-feed their babies, and we know how hard it is to find unbiased information about giving your baby a bottle. We’ve put together a comprehensive resource on bottle-feeding, including tips on establishing bottle-feeding, what equipment you’ll need to bottle-feed, how to mix formula, how to sterilise and clean your bottles, and advice from bottle-feeding mums to give you confidence and reassurance.

  • Baby Rejecting Bottle

    If your baby is refusing the bottle, here’s what you can do. Do you think they have nipple confusion or aren’t quite handling the faster flow of milk from a bottle’s teat? Here are some reasons why babies reject the bottle, and what you can do to get them to take the bottle without stressing o ... Read more

  • Bottle Equipment

    What equipment do you need to bottle-feed, and how do you use it? There isn’t a lot of information out there about bottle-feeding, and many mums struggle to find out what they’ll need, how to use everything, and how to properly handle it. Here is comprehensive advice on what you’ll need if you ... Read more

  • Bottle Feeding Mums

    Support and real-life stories from mums who bottle-feed their babies. If you bottle-feed your baby, there’s nothing to be ashamed of! At Breastmates, we believe that every mother has the right to support and non-judgemental, helpful advice, whatever way she feeds her baby. Real mums tell ab ... Read more

  • Bottle Feeding Tips

    Thinking of starting your baby on a bottle? General info about bottle-feeding. The decision to bottle-feed is always a thoughtful one, made by mums who care deeply about their babies and want to do what is right for the whole family. Here are some answers to common questions about getting your baby ... Read more

  • Formula

    Mums tell about the different types of infant formula, and how to choose. What baby formula should you buy, and how do you prepare it once you’re back home? How do you deal with making up bottles when you’re out and about? And what’s the deal with noseyparkers commenting about your feeding cho ... Read more

  • Storage and Warming

    How to safely wash, sterilise, prepare and store bottles. Your baby’s milk, whether expressed breast milk or infant formula, needs to be handled carefully to ensure it isn’t contaminated by bacteria that could make your baby sick. Here’s what you need to know about safely washing and steri ... Read more