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Natural Birth

Your body was designed to give birth – have confidence in its amazing abilities! Your body knows just what to do when it comes to giving birth vaginally, and these beautiful and honest stories of natural deliveries will help fill you with confidence in your body

  • 3 Hour Natural Labour

    A mum shares her birth story - a 3 hour natural labour, though she did have tearing and needed stitches. She delivered a posterior placed baby naturally!!
  • Am I really in Labour?

    A mum shares her birth story, she didnt really believe she was in labour. But birthed her son in 6 hours with no pain relief, and had a calm and controlled delievery
  • Didn't Realise I was in Labour

    A mum shares her birth story, she says she didn't initially realise that she was in labour as the pains felt NOTHING like she assumed they would. Childbirth to be the most exhilarating, terrifying, e
  • Down Syndrome

    A mum shares the birth story of her baby born with Down Syndrome. She says "what we realized about the whole experience was that firstly, the birth is really just a tiny part of having a baby and sec
  • Midwife Breaks Waters

    A mum shares the story of her home birth, which proceeded quickly after midwife broke her waters. 3 hours of pushing, and baby is born. A home birth
  • Natural Birth

    One mum shares her birth story, 5.5 hour labour and baby born within half an hour after arriving at Birth Suite. No drugs or pain relief
  • Sunny Side Up

    Birth Story shared by a mother. Her cervix wasn't dilating but a synto drip helped speed things up. She says "my baby sunny side up with no stitches, no tearing and no haemorrhaging
  • Baby Born Quickly in the Car

    Birth story: a mum shares her birth story of how her baby was delivered in 8 minutes, while driving in the car to the hospital. A very quick natural delivery!

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