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Sharlene's Birth Story of Aidan

~~~Sharlene shares the birth story of her son Aidan~~~

I was 38 weeks pregnant when midwife said baby was starting to decrease in weight so advised to see obstetrician.

39.5 weeks and obstetrician advised that I get induced as soon as possible as placenta wasn't working as effective as it should and baby needed to come out. I went in that night at 7pm to get induced with the gel - it burns like fire!!!

No progress/contraction by next morning so another dose of gel.  Ended up having another dose at 4pm too each time it felt like the inside of my vagina was being ripped ( gel makes everything sensitive).

6.30pm small contractions started and nurses ran a bath for me to relax in.

8pm and my midwife came in to check me, and was told that my waters had broke ( I thought I was sweating from the hot bath and room temp lol) and off we went to birthing room.

I was given gas and IV fluids and hours of quite severe contractions but little dilation and no sleep.   By 2am I was told if I wanted an epidural I had to get it now so I did. Problem was i am allergic to morphine and Coedine so they had to rework the meds for it.

Started pushing not long after and gas was taken off me even though I was still wanting it due to the pain. At this stage I didn't realize that I shouldn't be feeling pain with epidural and only pressure but I was feeling everything!! I was pushing for quite some time and was exhausted but with little progress.

Midwife called obstetrician to help get baby out, wasn't until she went to use the forceps and I screamed that they realized the epidural was only partially working so I was given local anesthetic into cervix and surrounding area and used the suction cup for my comfort as I needed to be cut.

After a couple of big pushes on my part and big pulls on her part my son was born and laid straight on my chest. Obstetrician helped manipulate placenta out as I was too exhausted to push it and then I was stitched up.

Aidan was born at 7.15am, 7lb 6ounces and 49cm tall. I was quite sore for a few weeks but healed up nicely.

For me I classed that as a traumatic birth and still can picture it very clearly in my mind even though everyone has told me that I would forget it and the pain - yeah right!! Aidan is now 14 months old as I write this and I can still clearly remember everything!


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