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Assisted Labour

Sometimes, baby needs a bit of help from medical professionals. Sometimes, baby needs a little bit of help to make an entrance. From forceps to ventouse deliveries, episiotomies and tears, turning breech babies, induction of labour, overdue babies and more, these stories of medical interventions during labour are informative and positive.

  • Rachael's Birth Story

    Rachael shares her birth story - which didn't quite go to plan due to a pre-term hospital stay with pre-eclampsia, and then an induction. Once her waters broke she had a very rushed labour experience.
  • Baby Born with Breathing Trouble

    A mum shares her birth story, and after labour experience where her son had breathing trouble for the first wee. He is a healthy and happy baby now.
  • Baby in Distress

    A mum shares her birth story,they tried to speed up contractions after her waters broke but labour was progressing too slowly and baby was distressed. Resulted in C-Section.
  • Baby Not Breathing

    One mum shares her birth story, how baby was born not breathing and was whisked into Intensive Care. She didn't get to hold him for three days. He's now a healthy and normal boy, and doctors are myst
  • Baby Very Stuck

    Naomi shares her birth story


    I was induced the day after my due date as I had had high blood pressure for about 2 we

  • Baby Well Over Due

    Birth story shared by a mum - baby was long overdue. She had an episiotomy, epidural, and managed to avoid forceps delivery.
  • Contractions Didn't Increase

    A mum shares her birth story, how contractions never got closer together and she had a syntocin drip to help speed them up. Episiotomy cut and ventouse vacuum suction to help baby get out as his hear
  • Cord Around Neck

    A mum shares the story of her daughters birth, labouring for 15 hours and baby becoming distressed lead to a c-section. They found that the cord was wrapped around her neck four times. A very lucky

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