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Birth Stories

When you're pregnant and have never experienced labour, or you're facing a different kind of labour from the first time around, or you just want to know more about what different kinds of labour are like, reading birth stories can help demystify birth and give you ideas about the kind of birth you'd like. Whether you're planning a home birth or hospital birth, a natural labour or C-section, a hypnobirth or water birth, or you want to know more about assisted labour, birth interventions, or just need to know what your birth options are, we've got a story to tell you! Wonderful mums have shared their birth stories for you to read and learn from. In their own words, these birth stories from real mums will touch your heart.

  • Assisted Labour

    Sometimes, baby needs a bit of help from medical professionals. Sometimes, baby needs a little bit of help to make an entrance. From forceps to ventouse deliveries, episiotomies and tears, turning breech babies, induction of labour, overdue babies and more, these stories of medical interventions dur ... Read more

  • Caesarean Section

    A C-section is a different kind of birth, but it doesn’t make you less of a mum. Are you planning a C-section, or concerned you might need an emergency C-section after labour has begun naturally? A C-section doesn’t have to be a scary experience, and many mums found their aesereans to be a lot e ... Read more

  • Home Birth

    Giving birth in your own home can be comforting and enjoyable. If you’re keen to give birth in your own comfortable environment surrounded by family, a home birth might be just right for you. Home birth is a totally different atmosphere to a hospital or birthing centre, and mums who have shared th ... Read more

  • Hypnobirth

    HypnoBirthing relaxes the mind in order to let the body work.

  • Induction

    Here’s what real mums say about having labour induced. Labour can be induced for a number of reasons and is usually designed to help preserve the health of both mother and baby. But what is induction of labour, and how is it done? Real mums explain when, why, and how their labour was induced.

  • Natural Birth

    Your body was designed to give birth – have confidence in its amazing abilities! Your body knows just what to do when it comes to giving birth vaginally, and these beautiful and honest stories of natural deliveries will help fill you with confidence in your body

  • NICU

    Some families don't get to take their babies home straight away, and spend time in NICU

  • VBAC

    Mums in the VBAC club (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean)

  • Water Birth

    A water birth is wonderful for natural pain relief during labour. Thinking about giving birth in the water – either at home in a hired birthing pool, in a spa pool at the hospital or a birth pool at a maternity unit? These water birth stories from real mums will inspire and fascinate you.