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Breastfeeding Cookies

You might have heard about about our Breastfeeding Cookie recipe - it's pretty well known in New Zealand.  We developed the initial recipe about 10 years ago, and mums have been munching on the cookies for years.    The combination of ingredients are believed to boost milk supply - and the testimonials I've received from mothers has always been amazing.   It's so easy to just nibble on a cookie - and not have to drink special Nursing Tea or take prescriptions.  You can read some of their testimonials here Breastfeeding Cookie Reviews

I've been wanting to take the Breastfeeding Cookies to the next level..... and so for the past six months I have been working on a massive project.....   I'm going to launch our own Breastfeeding Cookie premix.    To make life a little easier for mums, you'll just need to buy the premix  and add egg and butter, and bake the cookies at home.   We recommend you get Dad to make them for you!   The cookies can be eaten by the whole family, but when eaten by breastfeeding mums they have the added benefit of boosting milk supply.

FYI they will not cause lactation in anyone other than those already breastfeeding.  Men won't make milk haha

Back in January I worked with Claire Turnbull Nutritionalist and we refined the original recipe a little bit - to cut down on sugar and fat, and make the base flavor healthier.

I've done so many test batches over these months.   The toughest critics are my children (a.k.a The Worlds Most Fussiest Eaters).   Here's a pic of one of my children going through a few flavour options.    They never held back  - if it was a gross mix, they told me it was yuck.  Appreciate the honesty.

Then after I got the recipe the best way, I tested out refinements on my friends and random customers.

Fast forward a few months...... and we're now getting the recipe blended at a commercial food production factory in Auckland, and these will be getting to mums all over the place, and helping them!   #proud

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Breastfeeding Cookies Breastfeeding Cookies