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Breastfeeding Cookies

Here's a sneaky Behind-the-Scenes pic of the manufacturing team that are going to blend our Breastfeeding Cookies premix!   This is an Auckland HACCP certified commercial food factory that are blending my recipe.  They make lots of mixes for other brands too - I recognized heaps on the shelves.

This photo was in a commercially sensitive area - they wouldn't let me photograph the high-tech robotic machinery!

It was AMAZING to visit this food production factory, and meet all the team that will be involved in preparing my product.   I dealt with the Production Manager, but also met all the team, even the ladies on the packing line and lovely receptionist.

They were a bit surprised about making Breastfeeding Cookies, and the guys all had a giggle of course.  But they were very encouraging of my ideas and will help with my global domination :-)

Breastfeeding Cookies Breastfeeding Cookies