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Medela Breast Pump Not Working

"My breast pump is not sucking, it looses suction"

Medela Breast Pump: Problem is the breast pump looses suction is drawing milk into motor.

This will most probably be because the membrane has milk residue and the Valve Head was chipped. The solution is to replace the Valve Head and Membrane, and then the pump should have the correct suction levels.

**Please Note: The breast pump valve and membrane is one of your main points of suction, if this is either split, has milk residue, is chipped or not sitting flat on the yellow piece (valve head) you will not get the correct suction.

When this happens it causes the milk to go back up the elbow through the tubing and into the motor.  If this happens over a period of time it will cause the motor to clog with milk and the motor will end up dying on you. **

If your breast pump is still not working, please contact us and we will be able to help  you.



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Thanks! This was very helpful. My valve membrane was out of place. Once it was fixed the suction was back to normal.
Burnett momreply

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!! Struggled with my pump the whole day until i read this post

Thank you very much i was trying again and again but my pump was not working and i was in pain then i found this solution which made my life easy thanks once again....

Thank you this has just saved my morning!

Thank you!!!!!! I was having a panicked attack immediately when my pump wasn't sucking properly. 4 o'clock in the morning, so Google I go. Once I read this it was pretty obvious what was wrong, and my membranes were ripped. Lifesavers :) Bless You
Katylynn reply

Thanks a ton. Save my life. I struggle whole day now I am so happy

This trick saved me from a sleepless night. Thank u so much.

Wow! All this time i was thinking what was the purpose of that valve. It is now working for me and I almost cry until I read this
Maui israelreply

Thank you .... Started to stress and ready to head for the store we bought it from . The poor shop assistant could not have troubleshot this .
Andrew reply

Thank you. I didn't believe that it could have been something so simple. I was already looking to buy a new one. But it works now that I changed the valve and membrane .

Susan Johnson reply

You mean "loses suction" not "looses suction". The word "loose" rhymes with goose


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